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Two police officers hurt by fleeing suspect

Two police officers hurt by fleeing suspect

Police on Saturday announced that two police officers were injured in Limassol after a driver ran over them during a check.

The driver then abandoned his vehicle and fled the scene on foot. Police found 6 grammes of cocaine at the scene, with police taking the drugs in as evidence.

According to a police statement, the incident took place just before 21.00 on Friday night when members of the crime prevention unit stopped a vehicle for a check in the Kapsalos area.

When the two officers approached the driver’s window and asked for the engine to be switched off, the man suddenly accelerated, resulting in one officer being hit by the car’s left wheel, while the second officer was dragged by the vehicle before falling on the sidewalk and injuring his head.

During his attempt to escape, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which resulted in the car coming to a stop, after which he fled the scene on foot.

The two injured police officers were taken to Limassol general hospital for treatment, with the second officer still being monitored, although his condition is not a cause for concern.

Police said that the driver of the vehicle was a 53-year-old man for whom an arrest warrant has been issued.


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