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Schools’ teaching needs covered, says Prodromou

Schools’ teaching needs covered, says Prodromou

No children were left without education since schools reopened three days ago, as all teacher absences were being covered, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said on Thursday.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Prodromou said the education system was under huge strain as a result of the pandemic, and that the Public Education Commission was following specific regulations to cover teacher absences.

“When we hear that 100 teachers were missing and 70 replaced does not mean that the positions for the other 30 have not been filled,” he said, urging unions to stop giving misleading numbers.

Prodromou was optimistic about the new ‘test to stay’ policy decided during the cabinet meeting, saying it would allow schools to stay open and assist the “superhuman efforts” made by teachers and schools by detecting positive cases promptly.

With ‘test to stay’, close contacts of confirmed cases, regardless of vaccination status, would undergo a daily rapid test for a period of five days, instead of having to isolate. The new rule ministry applied to both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

The House education committee has received a slew of complaints about the situation at schools as a result of the pandemic, chairman Pavlos Mylonas said, adding that the committee will meet on Friday for a briefing by Prodromou.

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