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Man arrested for drugs, robbery

Man arrested for drugs, robbery

Police have arrested a 25-year-old man as part of investigations into a case of drug possession and robbing a kiosk by threat of force. The latter offence was committed in Dherynia in October.

Famagusta police spokesman Andreas Constantinou told the Cyprus News Agency that at around 14.40 on Monday, traffic police had pursued and intercepted in Ayia Napa a car driven by a man aged 25. In the car with him were another man aged 29 and a woman aged 19. All are Frenaros residents.

The car was searched, and police found and confiscated a small quantity of methamphetamine, cannabis, and precision scales. The driver tested positive in a drug test. Police also found burglary tools and a large quantity of copper pipes.

All three were arrested. During questioning, the two men admitted they had stolen the copper pipes from an Ayia Napa hotel. The 25-year-old also admitted to robbing a Dherynia kiosk in October under the threat of a weapon and named two others as accomplices. He was detained and is expected to appear in court on Tuesday to be remanded in custody.

The other two were released as police continue their inquiries.



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