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Disy chief becomes party’s presidential candidate (Updated)

Disy chief becomes party’s presidential candidate (Updated)

Disy president Averof Neophytou on Monday submitted his candidacy for the party’s nomination for the 2023 presidential elections.

Neophytou submitted his candidacy only minutes before the midday deadline. No other candidacies were submitted so he will be the Disy candidate in 2023.

Monday’s developments were anticipated. Last Friday, Neophytou had challenged Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides, widely seen as running a covert campaign – to seek the nomination through party procedures and suggested that the decision could be taken by the party base. He had proposed the holding of a leadership contest, with the winner becoming the party’s candidate in the elections.

The Disy chief reiterated on Monday that given Christodoulides’ remark that he was a Disy member, he would have liked to see him seek the nomination through the party’s procedures. Christodoulides has tendered his resignation from the ministry, warned that a protracted campaign would be damaging to Cyprus and said that although interested in running, he has not yet taken any decision either way. He was not interested in the leadership of Disy, he said.

In statements after submitting his candidacy, Neophytou spoke of opportunities ahead to upgrade the life of all the population in the next few years. He also spoke of the need for growth based on a green economy and digitalization, a social state and institutionalized transparency.

The Disy leader, considered a moderate on the Cyprus issue, also underlined that a settlement was a top priority.

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