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Another yellow alert warning issued

Another yellow alert warning issued

The met office issued another yellow alert warning, effective from midnight on Wednesday to 6pm on Thursday as more heavy rains and storms are expected.

This comes hours after a separate warning issued by the labour ministry over high concentrations of dust in the atmosphere on Wednesday which urged people, especially vulnerable groups, to avoid going outdoors.

During the time the yellow warning is valid for, a combination of local prolonged rainfall and possibly isolated thunderstorms is expected to affect the area.

Initially the bad weather will affect the western and northern parts of the island, moving inward and towards the southeast in the afternoon.

The alert is the fourth in a row since the weekend, coming off the back of a yellow alert due to expire at 10pm Wednesday.

The previous yellow alert followed an orange alert expiring at 10am on Tuesday, and another yellow alert announced over the weekend.

The met office also said there is a possibility of surpassing 55mm of rain within 24 hours.

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